Eight ground breaking and eight ribbon-cutting ceremonies of various projects will take place in the next two weeks.  The flurry of activities is result of the last four months of restricted activities due to COVID-19 precautionary measures.

The purpose of these ceremonies serves as evidence of projects starting and completion, not just for the developing partners but also for the communities that receive the improvements.

This week, the ground breaking of new projects will be in Ngarchelong State that include Ngriil Community Center Building and a State Children’s Playground Development.  Ngriil Community Center is locally funded project whereas State Children’s Playground is funded through grant from Republic of China, Taiwan.

Also in Ngarchelong, a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the completion of the Badrulchau-Ollei Water Distribution line will take place at the same time as ground-breaking ceremonies. 

In the same week, two ribbon-cutting ceremonies commemorating the completion of two Ngiwal State road rehabilitations will take place.  Both projects are funded through economic stimulus grants from the Republic of China, Taiwa.

Next week, six ground-breaking ceremonies and five ribbon-cutting ceremonies will be held in Ngaraard and Airai.  In Ngaraard, four ground-breaking ceremonies include Ngkeklau Road Phase IV, Ngerchokl Fountain of Youth Development Phase ii, Riverside – Choll road paving, and State Children’s Playground Development (Urung).  Projects ready for ribbon-cutting ceremony include Ngaraard, Elab road paving Phase V and Ngaraard State Recreational Park at Kuabs.  All of these projects are funded through the Economic Stimulus funds from the Republic of China, Taiwan.

Also next week in Airai State, three projects completed include Ked Road Rehabilitation, Ngerusar Road Rehabilitation and Airai State Recreational Park at KB Bridge.  These projects are also funded under the Republic of China, Taiwan economic stimulus grant. 

Two new projects in Airai breaking ground are the Airport-Ngerikiil Road Failure Repair and the PIA-RSA Saturated Soil Rehabilitation & Drainage Improvement Project Phase 1. Airport-Ngerikiil project is funded by Compact II CIP funds and the PIA-RSA is funded by United States FAA.

More ground-breaking and ribbon cutting ceremonies are expected in months to come according to the Office of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).

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