(Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries & Commerce)

Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries & Commerce (MPIIC) has four bureaus and two entities under its umbrella. Bureau of Commercial Development, Bureau of Public Works, Bureau of Land and Survey, Bureau of Aviation, Palau Energy Administration and Palau SBDC (Small Business Development Center).


Reported are some of the FY 2017 Accomplishments for each of the bureaus and entities under MPIIC.  Not all reported accomplishments FY 2017 or stated priorities for FY 2018 are published below and so for more detailed information, contact the appropriate agencies.

Bureau of Commercial Development major accomplishments of FY 2017 are reported as follows:

  • Started the DoingBusiness/Investment website; investpalau.pw
  • Implemented Port Security Code as per USCG Port Visit report
  • Opened an office in Malakal
  • Acquired boat for Aids to Navigation Maintenance
  • Enact new Telecommunications Act

Two of the priorities for 2018 include undertaking a repair of Navigational Markers along the main commercial channels and develop e-market strategy and platform.

Bureau of Public Works reported numerous accomplishments under its three divisions, Road & Ground, Facilities & Maintenance and Solid Waste Management.

Report noted on-going projects from 2017 including continued repair and maintenance work on government building facilities, Landfill Management training, new land fill site and M-Dock landfill extension.

Bureau of Land & Survey reported 2017 accomplishments include sponsoring the Year of the Family logo and theme.  It says it removed the deadline for BLS responsibilities and mandated BLS a 1 year period to place LRO employees in the Civil Service System.  It also reported getting a grant from DOI and obtaining trainings on APIPA, Auto Cad and Total Stations.

One of the unfinished business for FY 2017 include working with PAN office to certify maps of all Terrestrial PAN sites.

Bureau of Aviation FY 2017 reported accomplishments include the following:

  • Executed Joint Venture and Concession Agreement with SOJITZ Corporation and Japan Airport Terminal Corporation (JATCO) for Renovation, Expansion and Management of Palau International Airport Landside facilities.
  • Completed rehabilitation of Terminal Apron and Fuel Line Systems project.
  • Awarded the Airport Wide Safety Management Systems Implementation
  • Participated in the Pacific Aerodrome Certification and Assessment Workshop

Outlook for FY 2018 include FAA grant assistance for Runway Safety Area Study and Design, ground breaking and construction for the Renovation, Expansion and Management of Palau International Airport Terminal Building project.

Palau Energy Administration reports 10 specific accomplishments for FY 2017.  These include the following:

  • Finalization of plans with an MOU with Kayangel State and PCC to install solar farm that will allow Kayangel State to be the first 100% electrical solar system.
  • Finalized MRV (Monitor, Review and Verify) matrix that will be used by climate change office and PEA for Energy Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting Framework.
  • Completed initial RE system survey for Palau with PPUC. This has identified what it still lacking and begin plans to strengthening them to meet the Energy Security, Diversity directive from the Palau Energy Act as well as the national NDC for climate change.
  • Developed Palau Energy Roadmap.
  • Completed final report for Sustainable Economic Development through Renewable Energy Application.
  • Held First Energy Summit on August 2017 and documents for moving forward were finalized.
  • Worked with PNEC and PPUC to develop a procedure, policy and regulations for a feed in tariff for all RE system connected to the grid.

Palau SBDC (Small Business Development Center)

Some of the reported FY 2017 accomplishments of Palau SBDC include assisting seven new business start-ups and one business expansion.  New businesses created 16 jobs and one business expansion retained four existing jobs.  The seven businesses obtained loans totaling $173,615 with additional $164,735 in capital equity infusion into local economy.

Conducted the first SBDC Business Forum in 2017 engaging over 20 partner agencies and organizations to share essential information.

Plans for 2018 include establishing Palau Soup Stock by December 2018, a micro financing scheme for businesses (members) that operates like a muzing. [/restrict]