On the 29th of November 2022 to the 2nd of December 2022, the “Governance Clinic for the Office of the Governor and Legislature” was held with the four participating States of Ngarchelong State, Ngiwal State, Angaur State, and Kayangel State at the West Lebuu Street.
The Government of Palau strongly recognizes the need to strengthen institutional capacities and awareness within the Office of the Governor and Office of the Legislature at the State Government to ensure well informed decision making and for continuity of public service delivery reaches all levels of community, including during political transition. The Clinic provides awareness and capacity support to the Office of the Governor and Office of the Legislature at the local level during the political transition aiming to promote understanding and adherence to both national & state institutional alignment.
The program is delivered in a phased approach through a collaborative partnership and efforts with the National Government agencies operating at the core of planning, budgeting, public infrastructure, implementation and monitoring of public goods & service delivery.
The Clinic increase awareness of all elected members of the roles and duties prescribed in both National and State Constitutions to allow well informed decision making. The Clinic encourage greater access and participation, transparency and accountability from leaders, service providers and community in local decision making (including determining culturally appropriate ways for participation and dialogue). The Clinic also encourage well informed decision making by promoting greater understanding of government systems and processes to allow dialogue and participation between the community, youth, and CBOs and leadership.
In attendance of the Clinic is the honorable Governor Francisco Melaitau, the honorable Vice Speaker Misech Joe Tiobech and their key staff from the Ngiwal State Government. The honorable Speaker Abraham Osima, Legislator Alex Siliang and their key staff from the Ngarchelong State Government. The Legislature-Elect Mrs. Andrea Naivana and Legislature-Elect Mr. Orak Yamada from the Angaur State Legislature. The Kayangel State Government key staff. The Bureau of National Treasury, Director Gail Rengiil, the Bureau of Human Resources, Director Terra S. Nabeyama and Chief Lahaina Ngirkelau, and the Bureau of Customs & Border Protection, Chief Flavin Misech and one of his staff. The Bureau of Domestic Affairs’ Division of State Team.

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