H.E. President Surangel Whipps Jr., Airai State Governor Norman H. Ngiratecheboet and New Homeowners

In collaboration with the Airai State Government, Airai State Public Land Authority and Palau Housing Authority, a groundbreaking ceremony was held on August 16, 2022 at Yelch-Kesebelau, Airai. The groundbreaking marks the beginning of the construction of the site development component and 12 residential units. This new housing subdivision was made possible through the Housing Loan Development Project (HDLP)funded by the National Government and administered by Palau Housing Authority. The purpose of the HDLP program is to provide affordable housing opportunities to displaced and first-time homeowners, given priority to Palauan citizens. 

PHA Executive Director Jovalyn Ilong Koshiba and PHA Team: Jun Ushibata, Lowel Abraham, Veltri Ngirakesau, Josephine Francisco, Kukong Hilbert and Kyomi Sumang

“The Airai State is very excited for the new subdivision,” said Governor Ngiratecheboet. This is another step forward in providing new housing opportunities for Airai State and to grow our community. We look forward to these new homes, as well as future developments within the Yelch-Kesebelau


The Palau Housing Authority Board of Directors and staff extends their deepest sincere appreciation to the Airai State Government, Airai State Public Land Authority, National Government, 10th & 11th Olbiil Era Kelulau, Ministry of Public Infrastructure & Industries, National Housing Commission, EQPB, PPUC, Bureau of Land & Survey and, Bureau of Cultural and Historical Preservation for your patience, cooperation, assistance and continued support in providing the opportunity to expand housing opportunities to our citizens.  

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