Palau Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in collaboration with Koror State Animal Shelter and Legislator Edwenor Sadang will hold a Spay and Neuter Mobile Clinic at Meyuns on Wednesday August 31 and Thursday September 1, 2022 starting at 9 AM at Meyuns Youth Center at Taoch ra Meyuns. The clinic is made possible with a grant from the Australian Embassy, Direct Aid Program.

PAWS and KSG Animal Shelter encourages sterilization of dogs and cats, both males and females, to help control overpopulation and prevent healthy animals being unnecessarily euthanized each year.  Sterilization also helps protect Palau’s unique biodiversity and promotes human health via improved animal health. Animals that are spayed (female) and neutered (male), will live a longer, healthier life – without complications from pregnancy and males won’t roam or fight looking to mate!

Please call us at 775- PAWS (7297) for a clinic appointment or to help us plan a clinic in your state or hamlet. PAWS is also looking for volunteers to help in these clinics – if you or someone you know is interested, give us a call.

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