House of Traditional Leaders (HOTL) of Koror State is penalizing thirteen individuals that have repeatedly violated HOTL Ulekdubs policy, a policy based on culture and traditions, according to press release issued by the Koror’s House of Traditional Leaders (Ngarameketii and Rubekul Kldeu).

HOTL said that thirteen (13) individuals have been warned repeatedly not to announce in public gatherings and public media announcements individuals who are “not recognized members of the HOTL, … titles reserved for traditionally vetted and approved HOTL members.”

According to the press release, the violations concern Ngarameketii’s 6th-rank title of Ngircheteet and Ngerkeldeu’s title of Uchel of Meyuns.  The persons recognized as rightful bearers of these traditional titles by HOTL are Roman Yano as Ngircheteet of Ngarameketii and Albert Amalei as Uchel, a Ngerkeldeu title.

The violators will be called to appear before Chief Ibedul Alexander Merep and members of HOTL to answer for their “disrespecting actions and be assessed a fine according to traditions,” stated the press release.

“Continuing disrespect of HOTL of Koror’s Ulekdubs policy may result in bringing the matter before the Palau Supreme Court to be adjudicated,” warns the HOTL.

In addition to the 13 repeat offenders of the HOTL policy, 15 first-time violators have also been warned.

HOTL of Koror State said that in its “relentless quest to fulfill its Constitutional mandate of being the “Supreme Authority in all traditional matters of the State of Koror,” asks the public to respect and cooperate “to bring order and justice to the state’s traditional title disputes.”

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