The Senate Committee on Health and Social Welfare endorsed the passage of the bill that will require all employers in the country to pay for annual and sick leave of all employees in the country.

The bill was introduced in November last year, has undergone amendments, and is now designated as Senate Bill No. 52 and was passed on second reading by the Senate on Oct. 18.

The bill also requires employers to give their employees one month of paid leave and one month of unpaid leave to workers who give birth, adopt, and whose spouse gives birth.

Any violation by employers of the law will mean a penalty of a fine of up to $5,000.

The bill’s aim is to ensure that the woman and her family are given time to care for their babies without having to lose their job.

“The Olbiil Era Kelulau finds that it is. important for the development of the children and the family unit and the fathers and mothers to be able to participate in the early childbearing and the care of family members the bill said,

The bill also stemmed from the lack of existing employment policies to accommodate working parents.

The Senate said that employees should not be made to choose between job security and parenting. (Island Times)

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