President encourages OEK to act on legislation for nationwide minimum wage hike

Most employees of Palau’s national and state governments will see an increase in their paychecks today.

“Not only do our people deserve this pay increase for the hard work they do, but this step is also necessary for retaining the talented and professional people we have today, and recruiting others in the future,” said President Surangel S. Whipps, Jr.

The wage increase is part of the national Unified Budget FY 2023. The Senate and House of Delegates passed the bill, and President Whipps signed it into law Sept. 22.

This is the first pay period since the pay increase became law. It also comes just before the holiday season is about to start.

When the President signed the bill into law on Sept. 22, he noted the need to similarly increase the minimum wage for private sector employees: “This wasn’t everything we wanted, but it is a good first step. We will continue fighting for further wage increases for those not included in this salary hike.”

President Whipps continues to encourage the OEK to follow suit for private sector employees. While each employer could, on their own, decide to make the right call, the national government can step in and raise the floor for wages by amending the minimum wage law. (PR)


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