Eco-friendly tourism image of Palau tarnished

By: L.N. Reklai

July 14, 2016 (Koror) Circulating in the social media garnering comments from all around the world is the loss of a napoleon wrasse that has been a feature at one of Palau’s premier dive destinations, the Blue Corner.


Photo taken by a long time repeat diver , Greg Piper of Epic Tours who have been coming to dive in Palau for the last 12 years, shows that this majestic fish has recently disappeared from Blue Corner.

In his postings, he blames the Chinese visitors for the disappearance of the fish.

Repeat divers to these premier dive sites in Palau commented about the loss of creature and some plan to change their destination of choice.

In another picture circulating in the media, shows a chinese lady, on a boat at night with the Palauan driver holding a baby shark that has obviously been caught on rod and reel line.

Calls for greater vigilance and more law enforcement are made to stop such activities that are tarnishing Palau’s image as environmentally friendly nation. [/restrict]