Interest in state governments’ elected positions is surging as seen by an increase in the number of names coming forward in different state elections.

The process for filing petitions for Koror State Legislature for the general election in November has not closed but the number of candidates with promotional signs up for each Koror hamlet and at large are doubling in certain hamlets compared to the last general election. 

The same is happening in Peleliu which has its election in December.  According to a current state legislator in Peleliu, 17 candidates are running for 5 positions of At-Large legislators in the December general election.  This does not include those running for hamlet legislators.  “It’s more than double the number of candidates from the last election.

Ngaraard and Ngchesar are two other states besides Koror that are also having general elections in November.  They don’t have an official list of candidates for legislature out yet to determine an exact number of candidates.

Airai State’s next general election is in March but the primary election for Governor can happen in December if there are more than 2 candidates.  So far, four names have come up for the office of Governor, Dave Orrukem (current Airai Speaker), Norman Ngiratecheboet (PNCC Chairman), Collins Takeo (current Airai Director of Tourism), and Ivan Rudimch (Rudimch Enterprises). 

The current pandemic has not only affected the national government revenue streams but state governments as well. Funding to continue state operations and services is a common issue all the state governments face and with so many people interested in running for state elected positions, their platforms and plans should be made clear for constituents to chose from so many for few available positions

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