President Surangel Whipps said patients involvement in keeping the hospital clean and well maintained is crucial amid concerns that the lone hospital in the country is outdated, understaffed, and not hygienic.

“It is important, the concerns raised by the people, criticizing our hospital and what needs to be done. Customer service is not the best,… poor conditions such as broken sinks and bathrooms…and sometimes these are caused by our careless use and actions; President Whipps said at the press conference.

 “For example, lack of blankets and stuff…this is one of the first questions I asked when I came in.  I found out that patients when they leave, they take the stuff home with them… We need to understand that this is our hospital, ours.  We need to take care of it,” he added.

He also urged the community to settle medical bills to ensure the healthcare system and the hospital is not underfunded.

President said the cost to operate the hospital including public health is $20 million annually but payment collected from HCF and the people is only about $2millon a years less than 10 percent of actual hospital expenditure,” he stressed. 

He said the hospital can have a low supply of medicine if medical bills are not paid.  The president said he is aware of the need for hospital improvement but the healthcare issues can be improved with community cooperation as well. 

“Yes, I agree, the hospital always needs improvement, we don't have enough staff so we need to recruit staff, but we the people need to do our part, this is ours, so we need to take care of it as our house.”

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