On October 13, 2017, the Ipang Seineng ra Oreor donated to the Bureau of Public Safety’s Division of Corrections. Vice President/Minister of Justice along with Acting Chief of the Division was present to accept the donations. This is the first donation made this year by the Organization but will not be the last according to Ms. Waisang Fritz Mariur, the head of the organization.


Both the Vice President/Minister and Acting Chief expressed their deep appreciation and admiration for their commitment and consideration, especially given the fact that the donations were purchased by themselves. This is a significant donation and will be put into good use, as we continue our work in rehabilitating the inmates to slowly transition into the society as active citizens, according to the Vice President and Minister Oilouch.

It is contributions and considerations like these that make our culture unique and collected and further motivates the Inmates to think twice of actions to take, when they know that they are cared and thought for by its citizens.

The Office of the Vice President and the entire Ministry of Justice, especially the Division of Corrections appreciates and thanks you for your support.

Member of the Ipang Seineng ra Oreor presented to handover the donations are identified below: Waisang Fritz Sumang ;  Anemary Sumang,  Hermine Mersai, Sizuko Salii, Ann Pedro, Myotl Kloulechad,  Hulda Blesam, Martina Grubbs , Serafina Wasisang and Mary Rengulbai. Donation descriptions: 5 Case Ramen, 1 Case Sugar, 5 Cases Chicken 22lbs and 10 Bags of Rice 20lbs. [/restrict]