The Palau Red Cross Society (PRCS) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary by hosting a plate lunch fundraiser and garage sale at Ernguul Park on October 27th from 11am until 1:30pm. Tickets are being sold at $5.00 per plate. For tickets, stop by the Red Cross Office located opposite Ernguul Park, on the first floor of the OEK Building. All proceeds will go towards funding future Red Cross programs throughout Palau.


For the past 20 years, the Palau Red Cross Society has been committed to improving Palau’s disaster preparedness systems and giving aid to those faced with emergencies. PRCS is an active member of the National Emergency Committee (NEC). Through NEC, the Red Cross was responsible for providing over 4,800 gallons of drinkable water to 269 homebound beneficiaries and local schools during the drought in 2016. PRCS is currently working with National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) and the National Weather Service (NWS) to develop Early Warning Systems for storms and natural disasters in the outlying states.

In the future, PRCS plans to continue programs such as CPR/First Aid trainings, campaigns to increase blood donations, providing clothes, food, and other household items to families that have suffered from fires or other tragedies, and is actively developing new programs for the future, such as Pledge 25 for Youth.

Help save lives and promote safe and healthy living… For $1 you can become a Palau Red Cross Society Member today! For more information please contact or 488-5780/488-5781. [/restrict]