On January 19, Palau will mark the commencement of a new four-year term of the 10th Constitutional Government.

Compared to 2012 , the inauguration on Thursday will not be a simple affair. With a budget of $200,000 the new government wants to celebrate another term in office with an elaborate ceremony.


As part of preparations towards the inauguration of the new government, selected  offices, streets and the Capitol Building in Melekeok are undergoing a facelift with new paints and road touch ups leading to Babeldaob.

Press Secretary Olkeriil Kazuo said that the inauguration ceremony would host 249 foreign guests which include FSM President Peter Christian and RMI President Hilda Heine, invited and confirmed to attend the festivities.

Representatives from the government of Taiwan and Japan have also confirmed to attend the ceremony.

President Remengesau’s younger sister, Senior Judge Honora Rudimch will be administering his oath of office, while  Senior Judge Quay Polloi will administer the Vice Presidential oath of office. Presiding Justice Oldias Ngiraikelau will administer the oath of office to 16 delegate-elects and their officers; Associate Justice Kathleen Salii will administer the oath of office to  13 senator-elects and their officers.

Remengesau yesterday issued Presidential Directive No.17-22, which closes all government offices on January 19, in observation of the installation of the new government.

In the directive, the incoming president also encouraged all persons in the island-nation to attend the ceremony.

As early as January 18, Babeldaob tours have been scheduled for guests and a Peleliu and Rock Islands tour on January 20.

The January 19 installation will start with members of Congress at 9 a.m. and 10:30 with the president and vice—president. The government will provide entertainment after the ceremony.

The government is also providing transportation from Koror to the Capitol on January 19.

Kazuo said the ceremony would be broadcast live on radio and television on that day.

Remengesau will serve his second term as president of Palau,

Kazuo said the president is also expected to roll out several proposed measure that will  be instrumental in ensuring his initiatives  are strengthened  when he leaves office.

He added that President Remengesau will also lay out his agenda of making sure that his four years will be to work towards the fulfillment of important laws passed during his first term. [/restrict]