On September 18, Clean Piece Palau encouraged the public to bring trash in front of the RUR gift shop. People brought plastics, empty cans, dry cell batteries, etc.

Clean Piece Palau (CPP or Japanese name “Gomizu Palau”) is a group of Japanese volunteers in Palau taking action to reduce the amount of trash generated in Palau and promote trash recycling.

Their main activities are weekly cleanups and the collection of recyclable garbage. The cleanup activity is an hour-long trash pickup in Koror area (e.g., T-Dock, Icebox Park) every Saturday late afternoon.

 Once every month or bimestrially, they encourage the public to bring styrofoam food trays, food cans, butane gas cans, plastic waste, and batteries and sort them. Afterward, the collected waste is taken to the Koror Recycling Center.

Activities of CPP were started by a group of Japanese residents who were eager to contribute to reducing the load of landfill and avoid recyclable garbage being thrown away along with kitchen waste.

As they continued steady activities, those who sympathized joined the activities, and the group gradually increased in number, and now there are more than 30 people in the group. Most of the members are engaged in the tourism industry, such as dive shops, travel agencies, and restaurants, and they are willing to contribute to environmental conservation in the Republic.

One of the group founders Michiyo Miyashita said “The garbage which can be used as resources, is still ending up in a landfill along with kitchen waste without being sorted. To deal with this situation, we would like to promote waste segregation so it can be reused and recycled as resources. We also hope that through encouraging household-garbage-sort, we can develop an awareness of the importance of reduction of our garbage.”

For more details of their activities please visit their FACEBOOK page

Gomizu PALAU:https://www.facebook.com/komiPALAU

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