Palau continues to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine joining other nations in calls for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine’s borders. 

In his United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) address, Minister Gustav Aitaro said the war in Ukraine cost devastating losses in the country. 

“Regrettably, while the world made great progress in pioneer of pandemic recovery, new and unprecedented challenges have emerged. The war in Ukraine rages on extolling damaged infrastructure, homes, schools, cultural sites, and killing of innocent people and continuing to terrorize the children of Ukraine.”

Palau he said continues to strongly condemn the war in Ukraine and “join the international community and calling for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine sovereign borders.”

We also extend our prayers and solidarity to the people of Ukraine.

In the previous UN Assembly Palau voted in favor of u a UN resolution demanding an immediate halt to Moscow’s offensive and the withdrawal of all Russian troops.

UN Ambassador, Ilana Seid, told the assembly that Ukraine and Palau have little in common — “one is a large post-Soviet state in eastern Europe and the other is a small, blue ocean state.”

Yet, she said, Palau feels some connection because both became independent in the early 1990s. “And so, it hasn’t escaped us, that if the turns of fate had one of our former colonizers act with the aggression of Russia towards us, citing the justification of historical unity, it would have been our people who would be suffering the atrocities of war we are seeing in Ukraine today.”

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