Cheberdil Belau Center, a WestCare Pacific Islands program established here in Palau, is extending needed support to young local families and young people.

“We provide for families targeted program called Tabesul Deleuill, aimed at supporting healthy marriage, strengthen families and help young adults,” explained Tublai Ililau, Operations Director of the WestCare Program here.

For example, she said, the program offers 12 hours of Healthy Relationship Education, 5 hours of Positive Parenting, and 5 hours of Financial Management for young adults and young families.

“For the Financial Management, we work with Bank of Guam that comes in and conduct the financial training,” added Ililau.

Programs are also extended to young adults, such as the Tabesul Deleuill Educational Workshop aimed at couples 18 to 30 years of age.  “A healthy home starts with a healthy relationship!” stresses the program.

It also provides student tutoring for students from 1st up to 8th grades.  The tutoring program is offered daily with qualified tutors.

These programs offered through the WestCare Pacific Islands (WPI) and the Cheberdil Belau Center are made possible through funding by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Insular Affairs.

The Cheberdil Belau Center is located at Koror-topside, at IR Commercial Building in Ngerkesoaol. 

They can be contacted at 488-4447 or or website

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