Belau National Hospital Oral Health Team with the team of Japanese dentists who volunteered to assist at the Oral Health Clinic.

From November 02 to 07, 2023 a team of dentists from Japan assisted with the oral health services at the Oral Health Clinic of Belau National Hospital (BNH). The team consisted of Dr. Moe Ishikawa, Dr. Mai Uchida, Dr. Takanori Minamikawa, Dr. Junji Nunomaki, and Dr. Eiki Osaka. They were headed by Dr. Mitsutomo Ogawa and Dr. Kotaro Okamoto. Dr. Ogawa and Dr. Okamoto have visited Palau numerous times and have been strong supporters of improving Palau’s oral health services.

During their time in Palau, the team of seven (7) dentists was able to provide dental care for 100 patients as well as donate much- needed dental instruments for tooth extractions and materials for chair-side denture repairs. Team leaders Dr. Ogawa and Dr. Okamoto also conducted a continuing medical education session focusing on cavities prevention, specifically fluoride mouth rinse efficacy in preventing dental caries and cost-effective oral health interventions based on examples from school programs in Samoa and Japan.

The Palau Ministry of Health & Human Services (MHHS) Oral Health Division expresses its deepest gratitude to Dr. Ogawa and Dr. Okamoto for their endless support. It also thanks and recognizes all the Japanese dentists who spent their time providing dental care for the people of Palau.

We greatly appreciate your assistance and look forward to our continued partnership.

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