EQPB monitors cleanup, says majority of spill contained

Koror, Palau – On December 13, the Palau Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB) responded to a call reporting a fuel spill at the Palau International Airport. Approximately 200-300 gallons of jet fuel spilled after conducting a line test with one of the line valves improperly sealed.


Upon arriving, EQPB Pollution Coordinator Olkeriil Yaoch and Dencio Mariur, along with Peace Corps Response Volunteer Andrew Eyer, found that Surangel & Sons Company, Blue Bay, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF), and CIP were already present at the scene.

AARF, according to EQPB report, had proceeded to clean the affected area around the Tarmac ARFF by spreading dish soap over it and hosing it down with water. CIP was eager to clean that particular area as the fuel could seriously damage the newly laid asphalt.

Surangel and Sons Co.  and Blue Bay promptly laid out absorbent pads and sausages to contain and mop the spilled fuel. Also, a ditch with a 3-stage sediment box was dug along the fence line, so that the fuel mixed with water can be collected.

EQPB staff were there for 3 days to assist and ensure proper clean up. A majority of the spill has been contained, with little affects to the surrounding area. EQPB will continue to monitor the trench until certain that the excess oil that was absorbed by the soil does not leach out.  [/restrict]