I’m Tomiko Ueno, a JICA senior volunteer. I’ve been in Palau for two years as a math specialist of Ministry of Education and I’m leaving soon. My work was mostly at school. I observe classes, have trainings, teach math to teachers and hold math tests for teachers. So most teachers know me and call me “Tomiko”. Whenever I call a school and say “This is Tomiko”, they say “Hi, Tomiko!”. It makes me so happy. Teachers’ math level improved through the training and math tests. It is the result of my activities during the two years. I visited schools in Kayangel, Angaur and Peleliu with other specialists where we stayed to hold training. I also visited schools in Babeldaob from early morning until dark. Teachers tried to study and learn to get some ideas and suggestions to teach. It motivated me. I know it is difficult for them to change quickly, but they put efforts and try hard. [restriction}

JICA Volunteers and I have been making a math calculation drill for students and holding an open class for teachers. After summer vacation, students have forgotten how to calculate and it makes hard to start class smoothly. So we made the drill and it improved students’ calculation skill by 30% at the end of the last school year. Every day’s repetition and accumulation made that result. We also started an open class for teachers in the last school year to watch a good class and have discussion afterwards, so teachers could learn how to make a class and get some ideas. I hope it will help many teachers.

I have another activity for Japanese children at Japanese Language School. We have Japanese Language School to teach Japanese students in Japanese every Saturday morning. We also teach about Japanese seasonal events and make them experience them. This month we will have a sports day.

I want to say “thank you” to my supervisors and my colleagues in MOE, all principals and teachers, JICA people and Japanese people, and my friends. I really enjoyed my life in Palau and had good days in Palau. Kmal mesulang!! [/restriction}