A parent of a Koror Elementary School first grader pulled out their daughter from the classroom and asked for a transfer to another teacher.  This was because of their daughter’s first teacher’s poor behavior, according to a letter sent to Minister Dale Jenkins of the Ministry of Education.   The parents expressed concern as parents, saying they hope that actions be taken to improve the situation.

In her letter to Minister Jenkins, the concerned parent reported that the teacher lacked empathy toward the students.  She mentioned incidents with her daughter’s teacher, which she said shocked her.  Her report said the teacher couldn’t seem to deal with her daughter and refused to work with the student during breaks to resolve matters, saying to a parent, “There are lots of kids in her class, and she can’t be busy with my daughter.”

The parents heard from other parents that also moved their kids out of this particular teacher’s classroom because of similar situations. 

The concerned parents asked to have their daughter transferred to another teacher after an incident where her father found her lying on the classroom floor crying for hours.   The parent was told she had been on the floor crying from 8 am to 3 pm.

Since the child moved to another classroom with a different teacher, she has greatly improved, achieving A’s in her progress report.  “We are glad she was given this opportunity because we’ve seen an improvement in (our daughter’s) grades and her outlook toward school.  Please give the (current teacher) a BIG FAT RAISE, because all the things that (first teacher) told me she can’t do with my daughter, (this teacher) is  doing with my daughter.”

“This letter is solely to express my concern as a parent and hopefully discuss how we can resolve these issues…: it is not meant to diminish or jeopardize (teacher) position as an educator.” stated the parent in the letter to Dr. Dale.

The parent, speaking with Island Times, said that she wanted to bring the issue out so that it won’t be ignored and that parents are aware.  “I share my experience in hopes that I can help parents who have had these encounters.  I hope it can start a dialog about how we can collaborate with teachers and school administrators to encourage healthy learning habits, environments, and relationships between students, teachers, administrators, and parents.”

Island Times contacted Minister Jenkins, but no response was received before publication.

Names of teachers, the student, and parents were redacted to protect identity of the child.  (By: L.N. Reklai)

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