(edited June 15, 2023)

Pacific Media Institute Inc., a media organization based in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, will hold a Summit on Democracy from June 15 to 22, 2023, in Majuro, Marshall Islands.

With a big vision for advocacy for media freedom, expansion of independent media, and good governance in the islands, the Pacific Media Institute brings together seasoned journalists and media experts from the region to train journalists and public information officers of governments and non-governmental organizations.

The event includes a one-day Summit on Democracy with government leaders.  The participants will cover this event as part of their training exercise, but it will focus on leadership and the role of media.

The participants, journalists, public information officers, and journalism students, come from Micronesian island countries, Palau, Pohnpei, Kosrai, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Nauru, and Kiribati.

Pacific Media Institute Inc. Advisory Council members conducting the workshops include Jemima Garrett, Samantha Magic, Leilani Reklai, Floyd Takeuchi, and Giff Johnson.  Other trainers and speakers include Kalafi Moala, President of the Media Association of Tonga, Georgina Kekea, President of the Media Association of Solomon Islands, and Lisa Leilani Williams, Public Affairs Advisor at Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.

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