Koror State chiefs, (HOTL) put into written form traditional laws dictating chiefly titles and formally adopted them as traditional laws having equal standing as any law adopted by the state government.

Claiming authority based on Koror State Constitution Article VI, Section 1 that states HOTL “shall be the supreme authority in the State of Koror for all matters relating to traditional law”, Koror chiefs adopt “traditional laws” that govern the appointment, and acceptance of the new chiefs into the House of Traditional Leaders.

“The adopted laws follow traditional laws and traditions of Koror for individuals, families, clans, chiefs, and people residing within Koror,” stated the decree from the Koror HOTL.

The adopted laws mandate that everyone in Koror, individuals, families, clans, chiefs, and anyone living within Koror comply from here on out.

Anyone who has not been accepted as a chief member of Ngarameketii but acts, speaks, or does anything as a chief in public will be fined by Ngarameketii.

Calling someone by a Ngarameketii title, who has not been accepted by Ngarameketii, will also be fined.

Failure to comply with the stated traditional laws will result in fines set by HOTL and can be sued in Palau Supreme Court for the violations.

The HOTL decree states, that Ngarameketii has full authority to decide on their membership. 

Clan matriarchs appoint a person to be chief but if the matriarchs do not agree on one, Ngarameketii has full power to decide who will be their member.

The Ngarameketii claims the authority to downgrade or raise a chief or the title, states the written traditional decree.

The decree claims that the written traditional mandates follow the ages-old accepted traditional law and ancient lore.

The traditional laws decreed by Koror State chiefs, the Ngarameketii and Rubekulkeldeu, were signed on March 29 but will take effect on April 15 to give people time to learn about the traditional laws of Koror before it comes into effect.

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