Attempt to expel Angaur State Legislator Leon Gulibert failed miserably in 7 to 1 votes, with 7 voting to keep Gulibert as a member of the Olbiil Era Ngeaur (Angaur State Legislature) and 1 against during the OEN legislative session.

OEN Resolution #20-19, to remove Gulibert’s membership from the legislature required ⅔ of members to approve.  The vote failed with the overwhelming majority voting to keep Gulibert in office.

“The Angaur State Legislature has done its duty, as mandated in the state Constitution, as the majority of the Legislators have spoken to retain Legislator Gulibert,” stated Olbiil era Ngeaur Speaker Jackson Henry.

The vote received a standing ovation from the floor as well as the OEN gallery where citizens of Angaur sat in to watch the deliberations.

Gulibert who was convicted of a felony in a criminal case and served 6 months in prison had remained highly popular among his people.

Election records show that Gulibert has been one of the biggest vote-getters during past elections.  He owns a number of businesses in Angaur and is a consistent contributor to many of the state programs and community activities, including youth programs. 

He retains strong community support as demonstrated by the standing ovation at the OEN session.

A civil lawsuit was filed by Angaur citizen Natus Misech last month against members of the Olbiil Era Ngeur for failure to remove Gulibert from the legislature in violation of Angaur State Constitution. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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