in Penghu of Taiwan, have established sister school relationships.

This series of exchange activities began in July of last year (2022) when the Penghu schools initiated the process through the Taiwan Ministry of Education’s International Sister School Program. With the assistance of Ms. Chen Tunghsueh from the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund, the inter-school exchange activities between Taiwan and Palau were carried out for a year.

Koror Elementary School students in the eighth grade completed 8 online conference sessions with Makung Junior High School students, where they shared topics such as school life, hometown introductions, and environmental conservation on the islands. In addition to video meetings, Koror Elementary School students in the fifth grade exchanged videos with Longmen Elementary School students. Finally, the Penghu students sent students Penghu souvenirs such as Penghu’s scenic spots map and keychains featuring pearl milk tea and Taiwan maps.

The students were delighted to receive these gifts. Ms. Chen stated, “Although presenting in English was challenging for Taiwanese students, they put in a lot of effort in preparation. The Q&A session after the presentations was lively, and it was a great cultural exchange experience for both sides.”

On May 24th of this year (2023), witnessed by Ambassador Lee at the Embassy of Taiwan in Palau, Koror Elementary School and Taiwan’s Penghu Makung Junior High School and Longmen Elementary School signed a cooperation memorandum through a video conference, formalizing the establishment of sister school relationships and a long-term collaborative partnership. On that day, Koror Elementary School students performed a traditional Palau chant, while Taiwanese students presented a traditional music performance and shared videos showcasing the achievements of their year-long exchange. Ambassador Lee and Director Su from the Penghu Education Office expressed that students from both countries and the three schools demonstrated a passion for culture, democracy, and the ocean.

They hoped that in the future, students and teachers from both countries could visit each other’s countries, fostering more opportunities for collaboration and further strengthening the relationship between the two nations.

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