Koror State Legislator Vierra Toribiong who had also filed his petition to run again for the next Koror State Legislature had to pull out his candidacy yesterday, due to employment conflict.

Mr. Toribiong who had just been hired as Chief of Probation at the Palau Supreme Court had found his new job to conflict with his role as a legislator.

“To attend to legislative work, I have to apply for leave, and as a new hire to this critical position, I cannot apply for leave and won’t do justice to either job,” stated the emotional Toribiong.

“At this difficult time, I have to choose a job to support my family.  If I can support my family, how can support my state?  We all have to make these difficult choices sometimes and even though it is hard for me, I have to need to make this decision,” expressed Legislator Toribiong on the phone interview.

Legislator Vierra Toribiong is serving his first term as Koror State legislator At-Large at the 11th Koror State Government.  He had earlier filed his petition to run again to the 12th Koror State Legislature in the upcoming Koror State General Election in November.

The articulate and passionate legislator was emotional as he made his decision public yesterday on the radio and television to his Koror State constituents. 

The number of candidates running for the 12th Koror State Legislature may exceed the last election numbers.  A final list of candidates should be available after October 15th, the last day to file a petition for Koror State Legislature.

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