Palau and Taiwan’s diplomatic relation is one of the “best examples” of strong ties among allies in the Pacific, former Taiwan to Palau Ambassador Wallace Chow said Tuesday.

Ambassador Chow who departed Palau on Wednesday after fulfilling his stint as an envoy highlighted the two country’s commitment to strengthen cooperation.

“I think Palau is one of the best examples in the relationship with Taiwan in the Pacific,” Mr. Chow told reporters. 

Palau is one of the four raining allies of Taiwan in the Pacific. The other three are Nauru, Marshall Islands, and Tuvalu.

”These four countries have a different situation, have different background and economic growth,” Mr. Chow said.

But Palau and Taiwan’s close geographical proximity and its strong people-to-people exchange make their relationship one of the best examples among like-minded nations.

Mr. Chow said Palau and Taiwan also have strong medical cooperation made also possible because the two-nation has frequent direct flights.

He also noted that among its allies in the Pacific, the people-to-people exchange with Palau is the strongest, especially considered as Taiwan’s top tourism destination.

“Our relation is quite outstanding, “ Chow said.

He also noted that Palau and Taiwan’s relationship also served as a good model in cooperation to combatting COVID-19.

In his speech last week, during the Taiwan National Day celebration, Mr. Chow, said Palau and Taiwan’s travel bubble was a model to the world how two “COVID-safe” countries can work together.

 “Thanks to the relentless efforts of President Whipps and his remarkable team, we worked together to show the world how two COVID-safe democratic countries can work to strive for a win-win situation. Since the beginning of the Sterile Corridor on April 1st this year.”

He said the sterile corridor has brought 1,622 tourists in Palau and has received 53 Palauan referral patients. 

Chow said Palau and Taiwan’s relations in the past  22 years have proven a strong partnership among the two countries.

“ I firmly believe, as long as we continue to cherish the trust and goodwill, our friendship will flourish further in the future. Let’s continue to help each other and join hands for future common growth and development,” he said in his speech.

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