Koror State Government, despite difficult economic times, has approved a law to give retiring employees of Koror State a one-time payment of $500 as a way of honoring the service provided to Koror State Government.

“It is a token of our appreciation for the service and loyalty to the state,” expressed Governor Eyos Rudimch.  He said that the amount is small, but it shows that Koror State recognizes employees’ contributions.

The retirement appreciation award is given to those who retired due to age or to medical retirement, or “for other reasons related to the employee’s health that prevent that employee from performing his/her duties.”

To be eligible, a person must have been a “Koror State employee” for at least five years before retirement and medical retirement regardless of the length of time worked.

However, elected Koror State officials such as members of the State legislature, Koror State Governor, traditional chiefs, and Koror State board members are excluded from the definition of “Koror State employee” and are not eligible for the appreciation award.

Governor Rudimch signed the bill into law on September 12, 2022.

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