A new development in the upcoming national election will possibly open new grounds of debate on the issue of residency and eligibility, the declaration of Koror State Legislator Leory Ngiramouai to run as write-in candidate for Delegate of Peliliu State.
A recorded public meeting in Peliliu late last month revealed Mr. Ngiramouai and two other declared candidates for the position of Peliliu delegate addressing the citizens of Peliliu of their plans to run for the seat of Delegate of Peliliu State in the Olbiil Era Kelulau.
Mr. Ngiramouai is currently the member of Koror State 11th Legislator as a representative of Meyuns Hamlet and is a registered voter of Koror State.
Whilst Peliliu State Constitution does not address eligibility requirements for national congress delegates, it does define a citizen of Peliliu as someone that is of blood or by lineage a person of Peliliu and does not set eligibility requirements for a person running for Peliliu State legislature other than being a person of Peliliu of certain age.
Palau National Constitution Article IX Section 6 (4) states that to be eligible to hold an office in the Olbiil Era Kelulau, a person must be “a resident of a district in which he wishes to run for office for not less than one (1) immediately preceding election.”
Should Mr. Ngiramouai wins majority of votes for the Peliliu delegate seat, Palau Election Commission, House of Delegates and even Koror State Legislature may have a legal challenge to unravel.

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