By: Telbakes Yano

A 33-year old Blodak Quichocho drew his name into the race for Senate, a few weeks before the General Election on November 3rd as a write-in candidate.
In announcing his candidacy, Mr. Blodak Quichocho said that he had spent a long time going over the idea and felt he was ready to take the step.
His initial decision he said, was to run for Kayangel State delegate seat but pulled out in respect to his uncle who declared for the same seat.
He said that the decision to run for Senate was not an easy decision for him to make, but he believed that he was ready to take on the role.
“Although the thought of running for senate seems farfetched, I have decided to pursue it anyway. With the election rapidly approaching, my need to fulfill this calling grows stronger.”
Since his announcement, Mr. Quichocho has been going house to house and posting on social media his ideas of what he wants to do when he becomes a senator.
In his pamphlet, he advocates environmental issues, sustainability, and opportunities for Palauans in the business sector.
A lot of people have shown support for Mr. Blodak Quichocho on social media. His announcement of running as a write-in senate has accumulated 134 reactions from people and 26 shares.
One said that “here we have a regular Palauan, just like you or me, who decided he had the courage to put his name in for this coming election despite criticism that I’m sure he knew he’d face. He decided why wait to run for office when the time for change is now?”
Mr. Blodak Quichocho had served the Guam Army National Guard as an Enlisted Infantry. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on International Tourism and Hospitality Management in December 2016 from the University of Guam.
He had served as a Coordinator for Kayangel Protected Area Network Program and is currently the Emergency Programs Manager and Acting Disaster Management Officer for Palau Red Cross Society.

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