A 16-year old boy was found dead in his home at Ngersuul, Ngchesar, on Monday, October 12, as result of gunshot wound to the head.
According to information from Ministry of Justice P.I.O. Jose Ise, the victim’s father found him around 9pm outside the house unresponsive with an oxygen compressed airgun next to him.
He was brought to the hospital where he was pronounced dead as result of gunshot wound to the head.
The case is suspected to be suicide although homicide has not been ruled pending investigation.
The victim’s name has been withheld due to him being a minor.
He was a student at Palau High School and many of his fellow classmates have posted on social media offering their condolences with many kind words and alerting each other to speak up about their problems.
If confirmed, this may be the first case of suicide in Palau this 2020.

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