Laiib Organization hosted a Yorosku BBQ Drive Thru on Sunday February the 14th featuring Valentine’s Day with its valentines photobooth, card making, $5 bbq plates and acoustic music by local stars, a first fundraiser for the first Palau’s LGBTQ organization.

The organization was inducted last year December 12, 2020, and looking forward to conducting more fundraisers that will help them set out their mission statement “committed to inclusive excellence and prosperity by engaging the Palau community in education, advocacy, and outreach for people of all genders and sexual identities.”

“In raising funds, we want to host a future general meeting and plan towards LGBTQ to be more inclusive in Palau’s Society.” said President of the Laiib organization Rondy Ronny.

The Yorosku BBQ Drive Thru was made possible through the people who stopped by, donations and their sponsors Taiwan Embassy, Koror State Government and Governor Franco Gibbons, Telungab Media Company (TMC), Senator Topps Sungino, and Elilai Ngirmang as well as all the people present that day to give a hand.

” Hope to see more people and sponsors join us in the future events to set out our goal and I thank everyone for making it possible, today was successful.” said Rondy when asked what he hopes to see better next time.

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