11th Japan Fair held at Ngarachamayong Center, standing room only!

The 11th Annual Japan Fair that took place at Ngarachamayong Cultural Center on Sunday was met with great success with standing room only.
The event was packed with people of different ages and it was reported that this year had the biggest turnout compared to previous ones.
The event, which seeks to showcase many of Japan’s cultures, had a different array of activities and performances that did just that.
The audience responded highly to the PHS Theatre and Arts Club. They first wowed the crowd with a kimono show that featured an eclectic mix of color and style of the famous Japanese garment.
When they hopped on the stage again, they started off with a dance number then sang “One Love” accompanied with a band.
Another performance that really got the audience attention was from the Palau Judo Federation. The handstands as well as the rolling techniques got gasps and applause from the audience.
Other performances include a taiko (Japanese drum) performance by Palau Japanese Language School, Soroban Relay by Meyuns Elementary School, as well as singing and dancing performances.
People at the event also crowded the booths which featured an origami demonstration, Japanese calligraphy, and one where a person can have their names written in Japanese.
Students from some of the elementary schools in Palau were bused in to join and to watch the performances.

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