On October 23, 2023, the Bureau of Revenue & Taxation held a short ceremony at Erenguul Park to celebrate the launching of the Taxpayers’ Charter. The Taxpayers’ Charter is a testament to the Bureau’s dedication to promoting fairness, transparency, and responsible tax administration by identifying taxpayers’ rights and responsibilities and tax authorities’ commitments.

Director Ikeda opened the ceremony by stating that launching the Taxpayers’ Charter echoes the Bureau’s commitment to ensuring that rights provided for taxpayers under the law and charter are upheld daily. Additionally, he expressed his profound gratitude and appreciation to the Republic of China (Taiwan) for their contribution in providing financial and technical support throughout the implementation of the reform. He also extended his recognition to the Australian government, specifically through the Australian Tax Office, for their support in strengthening the capabilities of the Bureau of Revenue & Taxation through capacity-building initiatives such as the launching of the Taxpayers’ Charter. Other major partners of the ongoing tax reform and capacity-building are the Asian Development Bank, and the Pacific Technical Assistance Center (PFTAC) under the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In President Whipps’s speech, he stressed the pivotal role of the Taxpayers’ Charter in assuring that tax revenue will be used towards enhancing the livelihood of Palauans. He reminded taxpayers of the significance of their contributions in funding essential public services and social assistance programs. The President was followed by Minister Udui, who recognized the role taxpayers play as economic stewards by contributing their fair share of taxes to safeguard the nation’s financial health and long-term sustainability.

Among the distinguished attendees were His Excellency President Whipps, Ambassador Richelle Turner from the Australian Embassy, Consular Franklin Chen from the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Minister Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl, Ms. Ltelatk Fritz representing the Palau Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Kambes Kesolei of the Palau Media Council. Several representatives from Palau’s business community were also present at the event.

 The Bureau encourages the public to visit the Bureau of Revenue & Taxation office to obtain a copy of the charter or visit our website at www.palaugov.org/taxreform for an e-copy of the charter, and we look forward to working with the Palauan community in the spirit of cooperation and respect.

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