The Pacific Regional Law Enforcement (PRLEC) held in Nadi, Fiji, earlier last month has released its conference report outlining key threats from transnational and organised crime (TNOC) in the region. These include financial crime and corruption, regional trafficking and production of drugs and criminal deportations to the Pacific. The report also discusses opportunities for collaboration between regional law enforcement agencies. These included harmonising engagement between

Transnational Crime Units across the region, improving legislative frameworks addressing TNOC across countries, increasing maritime domain awareness coordination and matching law enforcement technology offerings with local capabilities and ownership.

All these topics are covered in the report. The Australia Pacific Security College (APSC) Media Team can connect journalists with area experts and practitioners from PRLEC. During the closed-door session of PRLEC on August 4th, law enforcement officials discussed a series of actions to drive a more effective regional response to transnational crime. The actions focused on improvements in collaboration between customs, police and immigration. The actions are now being considered by heads of law enforcement from Pacific countries.

The Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Secretariat will also consider these actions and insights from this report as it follows the PIF Leaders’ direction to develop a Transnational Crime Disruption Framework and implement the ‘Peace and Security’ pillar of the 2050.

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