Legendary Palauan Musician Johnny B passed away on August 5 due to kidney failure which led to a heart attack.
During his life as a musician, Johnny B achieved a great amount of success. Notable musical accomplishments include singing in various bands, 500 songs under his belt, his first tape Micronesia was the first commercial recording done by a Palauan, and with a talent for singing in different languages has allowed him the opportunity to sing in different countries.
His death had an impact on some of his fellow musicians, whom have taken to social media to express their grief.
Shiro Kanai, a young Palauan musician residing in the United States mentioned that his legacy will live on and that he acknowledged Johnny B as a pioneer. Shiro Kanai’s song called Belau Our Island was sampled by one of Johnny B’s songs called Belau My Island.
Kelandy Faustino Diaz, another young Palauan musician that resides in Hawaii also expressed his thoughts on Facebook.
“You are an Icon and I will always have a piece of you in my heart in every song I record and every time I set foot on a stage.” Stated Kelandy in regards to Johnny B.
People have also been sharing Johnny B’s music on Facebook in commemoration of him.

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