Alii Editor,

Sidewalks, as the name implies,  are for pedestrians and people who are walkers.  As such,  sidewalks should remain free from cars an d other obstructions.  This is why at Jezzrae and Mingles and other restaurants bordering Ernguul Road,  their customers are prohibited from parking on the side walk and parking slots at these places are painted parallel to the sidewalks.  This is to leave the sidewalks free and unobstructed by vehicles so that walkers and pedestrians can move freely and safely on the sidewalks.  [/restrict]

So why is Bem Tuchakl store,  next to Etpison Museum,  able to use the sidewalk as a drive up window.  Isn’t the store’s use of the sidewalk encroachment on public property?  If so,  why hasn’t anything been done about it.  Are we waiting for someone to get hurt before doing something about this obviously illegal use of public property?    With Ernguul Road daily filling up with more and more vehicles,  sidewalks need to remain free and clear and unobstructed for pedestrians and walkers.

Is the store paying for the use of the sidewalk in front of its business?  It appears they built the store with the idea of a drive-up window with every intention to use the public sidewalk as part of its drive up.  If so,  then they should be assessed rent.

What do you think?

Concerned Citizen [/restrict]