The season of loneliness and isolation is when the caterpillar gets its wings. Remember that when you feel alone. ~Mandy Hale

You can be in a crowded room like in a church and still feel all alone and lonely, it hurts. I know I’ve been there at times when I felt so alone and deeply lonely. Where is that coming from? I wondered. Once I simply got up and walked out in the middle of the preacher’s sermon and drove to a seaside where I could hear the ocean lapping against the dock and watch the boat tied to the dock rocking as if dancing with the wind and the waves. It brought some unknown but familiar music and rhythm to my soul. I remember like it was yesterday. I also remember attending a women’s conference in the POND in Anahtim, California that held 80,000 people and still felt alone and lonely. Why is that? I asked GOD these kinds of questions and found heaven silent.

Sometimes GOD can be so quiet.

I find rest in that quietness and just be.

Carl Rogers, an American psychologist wrote that before he sees a client or a group of people he says to himself, “I am enough.” Not perfect because perfect wouldn’t be enough. But I am human and there is nothing that this client or these people can say or do or feel that I cannot feel in myself. I can be with them. I am enough!

No more. No less. Perfect turns off. Imperfect embraces people for they feel the feelings. I want my life to be wild and free, filled with loneliness, sorrow and joy. I want my life to filled with adventures, big dreams. And when afflictions meet me on the way I will welcome them to keep me balanced.

Loneliness can take us to a place of danger or bring us closer to the GREAT ALONE where you can see beauty and be unafraid to walk alone. Because it’s in his quietness that I can hear myself think and understand I’m here and I’m enough.

Some of the great songs are born out of loneliness and pain. I’ve been thinking of the word many uses to write songs, “Bechesiil.” It’s such an unusual word. I think of it as “Between a dream and a memory” where one don’t know how to express one’s feelings and a word was invented.

Happy weekend!

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