The spirits are high during this Halloween season as there are many activities that have been set up for this upcoming weekend.
A total of 5 hamlets in Koror have been set up to be a designated spot for eager trick or treaters on the day of Halloween.
With each of the spots opening from 6 to 9, a person has a choice to go to Dngeronger, Ngerbeched, Ikelau, Ngesaol, and Idid.
All the hamlets will be passing out candy, refreshments, and some hamlets will feature a photo booth.
However, Medalii which is considered to be one of the places to get candy during the Halloween season will not be giving out candy this year in respect of the late former President of Palau Kuniwo Nakamura.
Airai is also joining in on the Halloween festivities. The Civic Action Team will be doing a two day haunted house at Camp Katuu starting October 30th and it starts at 5:30 to 6:30 for the kids then 6:30 to 9 for the adults.
In addition to their haunted house, Civic Action Team 133-29 will be passing out candy and playing Hotel Transylvania.
Also in Airai, the Palau International Airport will be handing out candy on the day of Halloween from 5pm to 7pm.
People can also partake in the blessed night event to take place at Koror Evangelical Church from 4pm to 8pm. The event will feature many activities such as target shooting, bag toss, and archery to name a few.
Other Halloween activities include a custom party hosted by Palau High School on October 30th at PHS Multi-Purpose Room, Halloween Party at the Taj and Kramers on Halloween night.

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