The Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT), along with hundreds of other organizations around the world, has received a significant, unrestricted grant award from philanthropist Ms. MacKenzie Scott. The announcement was made on her blogpost, Medium, on March 23, 2022. The MCT Board of Trustees has authorized the establishment of a Reserves Fund with the generous US$6,000,000 gift from Ms. Scott. The purposes of the Reserves Fund include: provide a long-term source of funds to meet unforeseen financial needs; provide a long-term source of funds for capital improvement projects; and fund, annually, partner proposals in accordance with locally determined priorities.
Of the award, Mr. William Kostka, MCT Executive Director, says “This amazing and transformational gift will allow MCT to do the things we have not been able to do consistently (e.g. our own annual call for proposals, staff capacity development, just in time grants to support quick and innovative programs, and maybe even our own MCT building so we won’t have to continue to pay rent). This gift is testament to the hard work of our Board and staff over the years, as well as that of our partners. The Board and staff, and all the communities we serve across Micronesia convey our sincerest gratitude to Ms. Scott and her amazing team.” The MCT Board and Management plan to invest the award immediately and spend the remainder of 2022 completing its updated Strategy and Action Plan (2022-2027) and developing budgets, as well as policies and procedures to govern the Reserves Fund and the use of the revenues it will generate. This will ensure that MCT is positioned to deliver improved programs to stakeholders and communities across Micronesia.

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