Russel Masayos leads in Ngiwal State’s 20th Legislature race over 8 candidates, according to unofficial results from the Palau Election Commission. Total of nine (9) candidates filed to run for the seven (7) seats in the legislature.
Other candidates on the top six (6) ranks are Bolton Tengoll with 216 votes, Hideki Takataro with 198 votes, Ilabsis Ngirakesau with 191 votes, Emilia Katosang with 176 votes, Asaria Timarong with 172 votes and Manaseh Temol with 164 votes.
These are unofficial results with absentee ballots still to be counted next Tuesday.
Ngiwal State holds elections of its Legislature every two years and its governor every four years. Different states have different terms for their legislature and governor depending on their state constitution. Ngarchelong State is one such state with two-year term for its legislature. Amendment is proposed in the upcoming Ngarchelong General Election in August to change the term from two years to four year term.

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