Letter from the Ngaimis, the traditional council of chiefs of Ngatpang, to Ibedul Alexander Merep and Reklai Raphael Bao Ngirmang of the Rubekul Belau (national council of chiefs) seeks the removal of Surangel Whipps Sr., who bears the title of Rekemesik, from the Rubekul Belau.
Copy of the letter dated May 27, 2022 was sent to the Rubekul Belau saying that based on national law, the name of the chief to be seated in the Rubekul Belau (national council of chiefs), must be submitted by the traditional council of chiefs of the State he is from, for the Rubekul Belau to accept as their friend.
The letter said that the Ngaimis have not accepted Surangel Whipps Sr. as Rekemesik. Quoting the Ngatpang Constitution, the letter said that only the Ngaimis can approve and accept Rekemesik. Further, the letter states, the Ngaimis of Ngatpang approved Shallom Etpison as Rekemesik a while back in compliance with tradition and the Constitution of Ngatpang State.
The letter quoted three different civil cases where it says, court ruled Surangel Whipps Sr. was not Rekemesik. The Ngaimis plead that Rubekul Belau accepts Shallum Etpison, the Rekemesik approved by the Ngaimis.
The case of who is Rekemesik of Ngatpang has been one of the heavily contested cases in Palau as well as the most expensive case so far. The contest for the title of Rekemesik of Ngatpang is fought between two of the richest men in Palau, Surangel and Etpison.
The Rubekul Belau has not responded to the letter but sources say that a response is on its way. Ngatpang seems to have two line ups of chiefs claiming to be the rightful Ngaimis. It is suspected that the Rubekul Belau will have to decide which Ngaimis they follow. The letter sent to the Rubekul Belau was signed by Rebelkuul Felix Osilek, Rekemesik Shallom Etpison, Sechewas Ngirakesol Maidesil, Rubeang Hiromi Nabeyama, Rechiuang Uchel Tmetuchl, Rideb Okada Techitong, Bedul Mers Arurang, Mad ra Sikos Sano Sakurai and Mad ra Inglai Jimmy Jonas.

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