Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs(MCCA) will undergo transformation under the new government’s re-alignment process, reported President Surangel Whipps Jr. at this week’s press conference. 

As promised, Whipps said he will be introducing legislations to “re-align” government divisions, bureaus and ministries in order to ensure that programs are “focused and directed at those in need of it.”

He said that in the coming days he will be introducing couple of legislations that will “combine services that we believe will further improve services to the community.”

For example, the first bill will remove Archives from MCCA and place it under the Ministry of State(MOS).  Code Commission is also to be placed under the Ministry of State. 

Social Services such as Elderly program, Disability and other Family related services will be moved from MCCA to Ministry of Health and Ministry of Health will be renamed Ministry of Health and Human Services.

Parks and Recreation under MCCA will also be placed under the Ministry of Public Infrastructures, Industries and Commerce (MPIIC).

President Whipps said that another bill will be forthcoming that will transform MCCA to a new Ministry dealing with Human Resources. 

Other services under the current MCCA as well as from other Ministries will be “re-aligned” in the upcoming proposed legislations.

Whipps confirmed that Ministries will not increase in number, only alignment of services will change.

Current Ministries under the Executive Branch are Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries & Commerce, Ministry of Natural Resources, Tourism and Environment, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of State, and Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs.

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