Members of media in Palau and the Marshall Islands gain an understanding of cybercrime, cryptocurrency, and blockchain last Friday from a UNODC (United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime) expert in partnership with Pacific Anti-Corruption Journalists’ Network and Palau Media Council.

The two and half hour webinar gave the media members a basic understanding of what cryptocurrency and blockchains are.  It allowed media members to ask questions to further their knowledge, especially on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The session covered the different cybercrimes that occur around the Pacific region, especially around Asia, and how cryptocurrency is used in some of those types of crimes. Some of the prevalent cybercrimes in the region are ransomware, money laundering, and fraudulent ICOs. Media also learned of the dark web and darknets, the dark side of the internet where many of these cybercrimes occur.

The information and training give the media understanding and tools in investigating and reporting. 

Giff Johnson, a media colleague from the Marshall Islands joined Palau’s media in the webinar.  Understanding the new technology of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and stable coins helps journalists improve their reporting.

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