10th Ngiwal State General Election unofficial results shows gubernatorial candidate Cisco Melaitau leading the race for governor ahead of Jeff Ngirarsaol and Xavier Ngirameong. Melaitau garnered 150 votes compared to Ngirarsaol’s 128 and Ngirameong’s 113.

With only 50% of total registered Ngiwal voters casting their votes on July 14th, none of the 3 candidates for the Office of the Governor acquired 50% of total votes cast, meaning that a runoff election between the two top votegetters will have to take place.

For the seven seats in the Ngiwal legislature, the Kelulul a Kiuluul (KAK), the top 7 vote-getters out of the 13 candidates are led by Delilah Llecholch with 216 votes, Hideki Takataro with 209, Russell Masayos with 207, Ilabsis Ngirakesau with 194, Emilia Katosang with 190, Bolton Tengoll with 185, and Asaria Timarong with 180.

One hundred eleven (111) absentee ballots were sent and less than half have been received. The tally of absentee ballots will take place next week Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

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