PVA is hosting their first night market tonight, the first night market to be held in 4 months since Health Emergency restrictions went into effect in March. The twice-monthly event was closed due to covid-19 precautions.

Ernguul Park, the regular night market venue is still closed due to renovation and tonight’s Night Market will be held at Airai Side of KB Bridge. The event’s theme is “Living Pristine” and begins at 5pm and PVA will give away gift bags for the first 100 people to attend.

“A lot of people, especially restaurants, have been asking when we would host a night market again saying they really need the program,” said PVA State and Community Manager Katrina Mad. This will help a lot with the restaurants that have lost a lot business due to COVId-19 impact.

“Mog Mog restaurant was one of their vendors until they closed due to lack of work,” explained Mad. In addition, she said, “Since there are no cases we wanted to host a night market to help them.”

“Another benefit of this is to help support new local businesses and entrepreneurs by showcasing their businesses to the public” added Manager Katrina.

Hoping to do more night markets like this, PVA will have to see the success of this event and get feedback from the vendors. One of the concerns is the distance to travel Airai-side Park at KB Bridge. Driving distance could affect customers decisions and could vendors, especially if they have shortage of supply during the event and need to replenish quickly. Normally having it in the center of town close to their business they don’t have a problem accessing their supplies.

PVA hopes the weather will be good and hope to see many of the people come to enjoy and support.

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