A historic event occurred last week when members of the Japan-Palau Parliamentary Friendship League and members of Taiwan Legislative Yuan visited their counterparts in Palau.

Palau national leadership consisting of the members of Palau national congress (Olbiil Era Kelulau), President Surangel S. Whipps, Jr., and members of Palau Council of Chiefs welcomed the distinguished guests.

President Whipps welcomed the Chairman of the Japan-Palau Parliamentary Friendship League of the Democratic Party of Japan, the Honorable Hakubun Shimomura and delegation, and the Honorable Chun-Wei Ho of the Legislative Yuan of ROC (Taiwan) and delegation to Palau. 

Senate President Hokkons Baules, Speaker of the House Sabino Anastacio, Senators and Delegates of the OEK joined Reklai Raphael Bo Ngirmang, Bilung Gloria Salii, and members of Rubekul Belau joined the historic celebration of friendship.

“This is undoubtedly one of the largest Parliamentary delegations to ever visit Palau, and we are both honored and grateful for your being here,” the President said. “On behalf of the people and government of Palau, Welcome!”

The President remarked on the unique bond shared between Palau and Japan, adding that about 25% of Palauan families have Japanese ancestry. 

“So tonight is really about family,” he said. 

The President also thanked the ROC-Taiwan for their continued support and friendship with Palau, sharing his appreciation of their delegation’s visit. 

“We are in a challenging world … it’s important that like-minded countries that believe in freedom and democracy stand together and work together to promote peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific,” the President said.

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