Micronesian President David Panuelo addresses the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York. Photo: YUKI IWAMURA

NEW YORK, 23 SEPTEMBER 2022 (RNZ PACIFIC)—The President of the Federation States of Micronesia (FSM) has told the United Nations the US and China need to resume communication for the sake of climate change.

David Panuelo said America and China are the two biggest superpowers in the world and therefore have the biggest say on target emissions.

He told the United Nations General Assembly in New York the two countries need to work together.

“Micronesia cannot understand why partners and friends cannot get along on this issue of total international importance.

“I have urged the United States of America and People’s Republic of China to consider climate change as a non-political and a non-competitive issue to solve the climate change crisis.

“So, President Xi and President Biden, both of you are friends of Micronesia, I respect both of your people and countries.

“As the two superpowers in this world, you set the tone and cadence for global conversations. It is my wish that you can respect each other.

“It ultimately requires both of these superpowers to work together.

“But one way to get attention and action is to explicitly call out your closest friends and allies by name instead of talking without substance.

“Current efforts to mitigate gas emmissions remain wholly inadequate.

“Micronesia urges all countries to commit to the Kikali ammendment and the global methane pledge to see a 30 percent reduction of methane emmissions by 2030,” he said…PACNEWS

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