In between the busyness of their normal academic studies, Mindszenty High School students have also been demonstrating their commitment to service to the Palauan community.  On Thursday May 4, 2023, a group of 20 Mindszenty High School students visited the Ministry of Justice’s Division of Corrections. The students made a brief visit to the entrance of the prison, met with some of the Corrections officers and then presented four boxes of books to be given to the inmates to read and enjoy. The students understood that while the inmates are serving their prison terms, they are still deserving of opportunities to read about the world.

The visit to the Division of Corrections was included in the broader program of activities for MHS Student Day which included attending a mass at the Sacred Heart Church and also making a visit to the Old Age Center. Their final visit was in recognition of Senior Citizen’s Day which will be celebrated on Friday May 5.

The Office of the Vice President/Minister of Justice, Management, Officers and Staff of the Ministry would like to thank Mindszenty High School students for their donations to the Division of Corrections. 

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