PNCC is committed to supplying the best possible communications service in Palau. As such, we are pleased to announce our participation in the 5G Deployments and Open RAN Technology conference for mobile networks, which was hosted by the United States Telecommunication Training Institute (USTTI) from April 12 to April 20, 2023.

At the conference, PNCC was represented by Switch Operations Duty Manager Mr. Jesse Alfonso, who learned about the current trends, technologies, and implementation strategies for 5G and Open RAN mobile communications systems.

O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) is a new process to build mobile networks using open interface specifications between elements. It can be implemented with vendor-neutral hardware and software, reducing dependency on a single system provider.

Through our participation in this conference, PNCC has gained valuable networking relationships with various stakeholders, including industry experts, telecom operators, vendors, service providers and regulators.

“We are grateful for the generous sponsorship provided by the United States which enabled PNCC’s participation in this timely USTTI conference,” commented CEO Simon Fraser.

PNCC will continue to support ongoing professional staff development to further enhance our employees’ telecom industry skills, and to enable continuous upgrades of our services.

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